Wanda Hendrix, Joan Bennett, "Dragnet Highway," 1954

Film synopsis, via IMDb:

Wrongly accused of killing a bar-girl he was seen with earlier, a Korean War vet flees from the police in the company of a woman photographer and her young female model.


The 1954 crime thriller “Highway Dragnet” included cast members Richard Conte (March 24, 1910 – April 15, 1975), Joan Bennett (February 27, 1910 – December 7, 1990), Wanda Hendrix (November 3, 1928 – February 1, 1981), Reed Hadley (June 25, 1911 – December 11, 1974), Mary Beth Hughes (November 13, 1919 – August 27, 1995), Tom Hubbard (April 2, 1919 – June 4, 1974), Iris Adrian (May 28, 1912 – September 17, 1994), and Harry Harvey (January 10, 1901 – November 27, 1985). Much of this movie was filmed on the desert highway and in several towns between Las Vegas, Nevada and the Salton Sea, California. The Apple Valley Inn in Apple Valley, California, was a location in “Dragnet Highway,” as well as the 1955 films “There’s Always Tomorrow” and “Foxfire.”


The film’s title in Belgium was changed to “La tueuse de Las Vegas”, translation: “The Las Vegas Slayer.” In Brazil, it was released as “Consciência Culpada,” translation: “Guilty Conscience.”



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