Toronto fire fighter who went missing in NY found in California

Danny Filippidis was found in California after going missing in New York stateImage copyright
Courtesy New York State Police

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Danny Filippidis was found in California after going missing in New York state

A Canadian fire captain who went missing in New York State has been found in California.

But how he ended up almost 3,000 miles (4,800 km) across the country remains something of a mystery.

Constantinos Filippidis, 49, vanished on Wednesday afternoon during a ski trip on Whiteface Mountain.

On Tuesday morning, he called emergency services from the Sacramento airport and told them he was a missing person.

New York State authorities, who had launched a search for the Toronto firefighter announced he was found “alive and in good health”.

Sergeant Shaun Hampton, with the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department, said Mr Filippidis told authorities he believed he had sustained a head injury at some point in the last few days.

Officers who were dispatched to the airport confirmed Mr Filippidis’ identity. The Toronto man appeared disoriented and was occasionally confused.

He was still wearing snow boots and his ski jacket, and was carrying his helmet.

The firefighter told police he had travelled across the country as a passenger on a big rig truck but could not recall anything about either the vehicle or the driver.

Mr Hampton said Mr Filippidis told them could not remember much at all about the last two days.

The police officer said it also appeared Mr Filippidis got a haircut and bought an iPhone while in California.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions “to say the least”, said Mr Hampton.

Mr Filippidis was brought to a local hospital. He does not face any charges.

Toronto Fire Services Chief Matthew Pegg said in a statement his colleagues are very relieved to know Mr Filippidis is safe.

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