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Monday night was a good time to stay inside: Outside, it was cold and pouring rain. It was a perfect evening to hunker down inside a warm house and watch the college football national-championship game on television.

But next year, that national-championship game will be held at Levi’s Stadium. And if the weather mirrors this week’s, it could be a miserable experience for those attending.

Good for Levi’s and the 49ers for securing top sporting events in the venue. But let’s face it: The Bay Area is a silly place to host the college national championship. We’re not a hotbed of college football — as the swaths of empty seats at local games, as well as at the half-filled Pac-12 championship game at Levi’s the past four Decembers, can attest.

There are other concerns: The national-championship game will be played on a Monday night — red-level traffic alert. The Bay Area weather, as we saw this week, could be lousy.

Another concern: If the Jimmy Garoppolo momentum continues and the 49ers morph into a playoff team, they could be hosting a playoff game the weekend before the title game. A long shot, sure, but still a possibility. That would make for a difficult turnaround as well as a burden on the field at Levi’s, which has continued to be plagued by issues.

Monday’s matchup, in the backyard of the two teams playing, created a ticket fervor, with the lowest-priced tickets reportedly going for more than $1,400. But if next year’s game is another matchup between two Southern teams, as it has been for the past three years, will tens of thousands of fans travel west? Will locals be interested?

Alabama is, of course, an early favorite to be the champion. Antioch’s Najee Harris is a great local story, but an unlikely ticket draw. Given the way the 2017 season unfolded, it’s hard to imagine a West Coast team making the title game. The York family would hate it, but the most intriguing matchup from a local perspective would be if Michigan advanced to the game, meaning Jim Harbaugh’s return to Levi’s.

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Ann Killion is a San Francisco Chronicle columnist. Email: Twitter: @annkillion

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